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Hot Product: Poweriser Jumping Stilts - Stylehive

by Sabrina Yeung • Apr 9, 2006 stylehive website

Hot in the Hive

If you are bored with your weekly workout routine, the Poweriser is a perfect alternative to the standard Stairmaster. The jumping stilts were modeled after the German product, PowerSkips which were designed after the jumping motions of kangaroos. The Poweriser is a hybrid between a pogo stick and stilts. It attaches directly below the knee and a boot straps on your shoes. Each of the boots has a footpad with snowboard type bindings and a fiberglass leaf spring.

Extreme Powerisers can jump as high as five feet into the air and run as fast as twenty miles per hour with strides as long as ten feet. Powerising has become an extreme sport, with athletes doing flips, splits and tricks in mid-air. For those of us who are less daring, Powerising is an excellent full-body workout when used for walking and bouncing.